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What is the number one investment and asset we have in life? Ourselves of course, Yet we protect everything else in life but that. We insure our cars, our houses, our toys. We even insure our mobile phones.

Why are these items more important than us. We make the wealth not those tangible objects. They can be replaced. We cannot. What happens to our family when we are no longer here? Are our phones going to continue making the payments that we used to make. Is the house payment or car payment going to be made on their own. Of course not.

Where will our family be financially if we are injured. Where will they be if we are no longer here? If we can spend a couple hundred dollars a month on a simple phone why can we not find the same amount to protect the most valuable asset we have, OURSELVES?

Lets work together in developing a plan to build and protect that wealth. Do not be like so many others have done and wait until it is too late. Do it while the value of time is on your side. UIL Life Insurance.


We are an independent agency. That means we work for you and not the insurance companies. We are not confined to only a few options as a captive agent for one company. We have access to hundreds of carriers to find what fits best for your situation. Whether it be for your home, auto, business, medicare, life or health, we have you covered. Planning for retirement? That is our passion. We have options for that as well.

I first started in the financial industry in 1985. I have witnessed and felt the pains of many downturns in the economy but with those downturns comes the upside. Through both I have managed to help others save for their children’s college, that new house, the perfect vacation, the dreamed of business and most of all a comfortable retirement. Helping through Annuities, Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Medicare Insurance, UIL’s, Term and Whole Life Insurance, Mutual Funds and Securities.

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